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Westpac operates in seven south Pacific nations; the unit is headquartered in Sydney. The financial services offered include electronic banking (via online banking, ATMs and EFTPOS), deposit, loan, transaction accounts and international trade facilities to personal and business customers. It is one of the largest banks in the country and has a 40% market share. Sales and service activities for business and corporate customers are conducted by relationship managers via business banking centres, internet and customer service centre channels.

The Bank offers accounts checking, savings deposits, money market, mortgage, and term loans services, as well as card facilities and internet banking services. The mid-1970s saw the Australian continent in a severe recession. During these years the large amount quebex of foreign investment in Australia’s raw-commodities industries became a political hot potato. Australians felt that foreign investors had too much say in the allocation and development of their resources, particularly in petroleum and mining operations.

  1. The prudential regulator said it was satisfied that NAB had fixed its governance issues, but was silent on two of the other big four banks.
  2. Authorities in the US allege the tech giant has locked the iPhone to build a monopoly.
  3. As Westpac reported its ninth consecutive year of profit growth in 2001, it became a target for angry consumers.

The first branch opened in the Moreton Bay area of what was soon to become the colony of Queensland. A year later gold fever struck Australia, and the bank soon sent its agents directly to the mining regions. Some branches were no more than a tent; others were built with furnaces to smelt gold right on the premises. In 1853, the bank established an office to handle the colony’s growing export trade. Westpac Institutional Bank (WIB) delivers a broad range of financial services to commercial, corporate, institutional and government customers.

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In order to remain competitive, the company once again launched a growth program. It purchased Challenge Bank of Western Australia in 1995 in an A$684 million deal that enabled the bank to gain leading position in the Western region. The Challenge purchased was followed by a merger with Trust Bank New Zealand Limited in 1996. That year, the company secured profits of A$1.5 billion, an increase of 32 percent over the previous year.

The bank of New South Wales operated for five years under its original charter, granted by Governor Macquarie, and then for another five under a renewal issued by Governor Brisbane. In 1828, however, the British etoro scam authorities declared the Bank’s charter invalid, claiming that colonial governors had no authority to issue such charters. The Bank of New South Wales was then reorganized as a joint-stock company.

The Monthly CPI Indicator gained 3.4% in the year to February compared to 3.4%yr in both January and D… The single largest donor to the yes campaign was the philanthropic Paul Ramsay foundation, which contributed more than $7m Follow our Australia news live blog for latest updates Get our morning and af… Readers’ letters on the government’s solar manufacturing plan; Westpac’s ambitious technology upgrade; the shift to a cashless society; mixed messages on China’s economy; and why Hamas must be forced … For the next two years, the public traded in its imperial currency–pounds, shillings, and pence–for new Australian dollars and cents. Banks had the difficult task of converting to the new decimal currency. Machinery had to be changed, staffs had to be retrained, and accounting had to be translated.

Other Banks

In the 1970s, the Bank of New South Wales and the Commercial Bank of Australia diversified both their services and their areas of operation. At the same time each was busy acquiring different financial companies at home to expand upon the services they provided. The Bank of New South Wales, for instance, owned a substantial number of shares in Partnership Pacific Ltd., Schroder Darling & Company, and Australian United Corporation.

By 1982, it had become clear that competition from abroad and at home would be fierce in the future. Anticipating this inevitability, the Bank of New South Wales and the Commercial Bank of Australia decided to join forces to protect their position in the domestic market and strengthen their position overseas. Westpac was formed in October 1982, with Robert White as general manager. When Australia was settled, in the late 18th century, the colony’s economy was based on a system of barter. Governor Laughlan Macquarie was determined to solve his country’s monetary problems.

Financial Performance

Increased trade with the neighboring islands paralleled a general increase in foreign trade. The mid- to late 1800s saw widespread development of the country’s resources. Bank branches were established at scattered points across the continent. Travel was difficult and often dangerous, as the story of Robert White, the “terror of the bushrangers” illustrates. In 1863, Robert White, an accountant at the Deniliquin branch of the Bank of New South Wales was held up. After putting up a fight, he found himself bound and gagged, and the bank robbers headed out of town with £3,000 in gold and notes.

Westpac’s aggressive moves in the euromarkets and in technological development and application focused a great deal of attention on the bank. Its low exposure to Third World debt helped keep earnings healthy at a time when bad debt provisions were getting the best of many international banks. While competition remained fierce among the four leading banks in Australia, Westpac’s management believed the company was well positioned for future growth. The new CEO immediately began a restructuring effort designed to reduce Westpac’s cost-to-income ratio, which hovered at 58 percent due to its merger activity over the past three years. As part of the reorganization, the company announced that it would cut up to 3,000 jobs and focus on organic growth. Robert White began his banking career at the age of 16 at the Bank of New South Wales.

To help prevent currency from disappearing overseas, Macquarie had the center cut out of coins, creating a donut-shaped “holey dollar.” The center piece, known as a “dump,” was worth one quarter of a holey dollar. Still, currency and exchange problems continued to plague the Australian colonies. During the early 1990s, Forex Brokers Australian banks saw profits dwindle as a result of increased exposure to bad loans. Westpac’s expansion efforts were put on hold during this time period. By 1995, however, the industry recovered, and while Westpac was financially back on track, it had lost its leading position in the Australian banking industry.

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